Things to consider when planning a laboratory move

Whether for a university, hospital, or biotech company, moving a laboratory operation requires special preparation beyond a traditional business move. There are many important steps that should be addressed carefully when relocating your laboratory equipment to a new space. Here are a few main things to consider when beginning to plan your laboratory move.


In preparation for your lab relocation, it is critical to keep detailed records of the lab equipment and materials that are going to be moved. This includes live cells, chemicals, reagents, and both non-hazardous and hazardous materials. Keeping an inventory of your current materials is critical in the relocation process.


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A lot of laboratory equipment is tied to service or maintenance agreements that will impact your moving plan. You and your movers need to understand what equipment is under a service agreement as those pieces generally need to be prepped by the service company prior to moving and then recalibrated by the service company upon destination. If your mover doesn’t understand this and tries to move that equipment without the proper protocol, it could negate the equipment warranty.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but Ace Relocation has seen situations where laboratory equipment gets placed at a new location only to find that the correct power source isn’t accessible. Double-check the space plan of the new location to ensure the location and type of power aligns with the needs of the equipment you plan on placing there.


When a location houses live cells, chemicals, reagents, and hazardous materials, it needs to be decontaminated and certified prior to moving crews coming in.

When Choosing a Moving Company

Do your research and find a moving company with significant experience in moving laboratories and biotech equipment.
Here are a few key things to look for:

Chemical Experts

Find a moving company that has partnerships with chemical moving experts. Not all chemicals are able to be transported on the same truck and it’s important to have an expert view and approve the transportation of these materials.

Space Plan

Look for a moving company that works with space planners, either your own or ones they can bring in themselves. This is critical to ensuring all equipment will fit appropriately in your new space.

Location Mapping

You want your employees focused on work during a move, not directing movers. It is important to find a moving company that will create a detailed location map that allows items to be moved from your current to new location without requiring staff to be onsite directing the placement.

Pre-move Meetings

Your moving company’s involvement needs to begin way before moving day. Your move requires a project plan to fully understand what gets moved and when. It is very common to move a laboratory in phases so that 2 locations can operate simultaneously, and live materials can be maintained.

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Moving a laboratory requires planning and preparation way beyond that of a standard household move. Search for a moving company with laboratory experience and expertise who can provide the right guidance, support, and resources to ensure your move is a success.

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