Streamline Your Out-Of-State Small Move

Looking for a simplified and streamlined way to move out of state? SimpliCity Moves from Ace Relocation are the answer. SimpliCity simplifies small (usually up to a 2-bedroom apartment), out-of-state moves. SimpliCity includes date-specific pickup and delivery, allowing you to choose when to move with pinpoint timing and expedited transit. It also features upfront, all-inclusive pricing so you aren’t met with any surprises.Packing, unpacking, and clean-up are all included with SimpliCity. You can always opt out of the packing services, but we know you have better things to do.

As the largest mover within the Atlas Van Lines network, Ace Relocation is proud of Atlas’ designation as “Best Overall Moving Company of 2023” by Forbes. This ranking means you can rest easy knowing your home move will be handled with care, professionalism and outstanding attention to detail.