How to Avoid (and Survive) the Challenges of Moving During Peak Season

Peak Moving Season Is Upon Us!

The school year is winding down. Weather is improving in most parts of the country. And lots of people are getting ready to move. Nearly 80% of the people who will move this year will do so between April and September. This surge in demand for moving companies can cause some headaches if you aren’t careful. To save your sanity and help avoid the headaches, make sure you know the potential challenges and the best way to avoid them!

Peak Moving Season Challenges & Solutions

High demand can make it difficult to get the moving dates you want. Don’t wait until everyone has locked in their first choice of dates. BOOK EARLY!

Peak season can increase the cost of the move. Last minute quotes can not only be challenging to get, they can be more expensive. GET AN ESTIMATE NOW!

Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of the high demand during peak season. Protect yourself by checking with the Better Business Bureau and hiring a known, REPUTABLE mover.

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