Important Provisions Regarding a Loss and Damage Claim

Ace Relocation Systems apologizes that a portion of your goods may have been lost or damaged during your relocation. We pledge to process your claim promptly and fairly, but we need your cooperation to do so. The following provisions, which apply to loss and damage claims, should assist you as we process your claim.

Claim Filing Dates

A completed written claim form must be submitted electronically before any claim can be processed. Claim filing limit from the date of delivery:

  • COMPANY PAID MOVE–please contact your move coordinator for specific contract terms.
  • INTERSTATE (one state to another) – 9 months from the date of delivery
  • INTRASTATE (within the same state) or PERMANENT STORAGE – CA 9 months; TX 90 days; FL, MD, AZ 30 days.
  • GSA Moves (local, intrastate, interstate): 75 days to notify Ace Relocation Systems of damage

Process Information

  • Ace Relocation Systems reserves the right to inspect your damaged items within a reasonable time. Please have the Ace Relocation Systems inventory available for the inspector if such action is taken.
  • Do not discard any damaged item or the shipping carton in which it was transported until a claim has been filed and the item and shipping carton has been inspected by Ace Relocation Systems.
  • Do not proceed with any repair until Ace Relocation Systems has authorized the repair. Whether before or after inspection, repairs must be authorized in advance by Ace Relocation Systems. If your claim valuation with Ace Relocation Systems is a full-value protection option, repairs will be the first option. Any replacement considered will be for items of like kind and quality, per Ace Relocation Systems tariff.
  • Ace Relocation Systems retains salvage rights on any item we agree to replace. Do not discard any damaged item that has been replaced without Ace Relocation Systems’ authorization.
  • Pairs and Sets. Where any Full Value Protection item consists of articles in a pair or set, Ace Relocation Systems shall not pay more than the value of any particular part or parts, which may be lost or damaged, without reference to any special value which such article or articles may have as part of such pair or set, nor more than the proportionate part of the value of the pair or set.
  • Ace Relocation Systems will conduct a trace for any missing item. Do not replace any missing items without our authorization.
  • All transportation charges must be paid prior to the payment of any amount on a claim.
  • Incomplete information may delay claim settlement. Additional information may be requested to process your claim.
  • A claim cannot usually be resolved immediately and may take some time before items can be inspected and repaired or replaced. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in this process. Thank you.

Full Value Protection Information

Full value protection Does NOT Cover:
Any exclusion listed in the Terms and Conditions of your Bill of Lading including but NOT limited to:

  • Rust, mold, mildew, and warping because of changes in temperature and humidity. Spoilage or change in food or beverage of any kind.
  • Loss or damage caused by normal wear and tear, wrinkling of clothing, electrical and mechanical derangement, infestation of vermin, moths, insects of any type, or inherent vice. Loss or damage attributable to fumigation or contamination of the shipment from any cause.
  • Jewelry, cash, currency, bank notes, stocks, bonds, stamp and/or coin collections, or any negotiable document.
  • Collections and/or collectibles defined as but not limited to baseball cards, sports memorabilia, collectible toys, etc. are only covered if specifically declared on the High Value Form.
  • Missing and/or damaged items from within containers that were not packed by Ace Relocation Systems.
  • Loss and/or damage of any type to an automobile or motorcycle while being driven under its own power except when being driven by an authorized driver who is an employee of the freight forwarder/moving company.
  • Non-factory installed accessories and/or removable items on automobiles, motorcycles, and boats unless specifically and individually declared and valued for full value protection. Tools, batteries, extra tires, antennas, airbags, and/or personal property shipped in automobiles, motorcycles, and boats are not insured.
  • Acts of government officials and customs authorities, including confiscation.
  • Data contained on hard disks, diskettes, cassettes, video tapes, CDs, etc. Ace Relocation Systems’ liability is limited to the cost of hardware only.
  • Loss or damage of personal and/or professional papers/documents of any kind, including but not limited to dissertations, tax returns, medical and employment records; items that have no market value (such as but not limited to photographs, family albums, and pictures, newspaper clippings, etc.)
  • Missing Items- unless specific notations or evidence is presented confirming loss occurred while in the care, custody, or control of the moving company.
  • Items left at origin or items not listed on the mover’s inventory.
  • Items not intended for shipment.

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