Providing Essential Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. reacted early to the COVID-19 pandemic and, as this continues to be a topic of global concern, has continued to alter the ways in which we carry out our day to day operations. The safety and well-being of our customers, employees, service teams and vendors is our utmost concern. Through strategic planning and evaluation, proactive measures are always being evaluated and implemented to not only protect those impacted by our business directly but to protect the public at large as well. In conjunction with following the recommendations of the CDC, WHO, and state and local agencies, Ace requires that the below steps be taken to provide the safest, most efficient move possible during this unique time.

Service Team Screening

This is done via messaging our drivers in the field when they have dispatched an order, or at our facilities upon obtaining their assignment. Our drivers are notified that they, and/or their teams need to assess each other prior to the move and remove themselves via self-reporting if they have any signs of sickness. Anyone that shows these signs is not to report to work or remove themselves from the situation.

  • Self-Reporting signs of sickness within the 14-day range of any customer or internal interaction. PPE Requirements
  • Ace and Atlas require our teams to wear PPE, most notably masks, always when in the home, or indirect presence of the customer, inside or outside the home.
  • Ace provides PPE as necessary to our team leaders and drivers who are responsible for ensuring all members are equipped properly prior to commencing move activities.

Move Day Protocols

  • While we would love to shake all our customer’s hands, this practice is forbidden during the COVID-19 pandemic. We practice a no-touch (not even a fist-bump!) policy with our customers during the entirety of the move.
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitization. The direction is given for our team members to identify, with the customer, the appropriate area/room to wash hands during move activities. Additionally, each team lead is required to have ample hand sanitizer for both the crew and customer.
  • Distancing. While this can be difficult with multiple crew and family members interacting in a home, we always ask our team leaders to talk through accomplishing this with the transferee. This may require the transferee to identify a room that they can shelter in during the move if distancing is not possible.

What We Ask from our Customers:

  • We contact customers prior to their move and ask if any members of the household have been feeling ill or have been exposed to those who have exhibited any COVID-like symptoms. This occurs as part of our pre-move check and ask that all parties be upfront in their response.
  • We ask our customers to provide and identify a room where our service team members can wash and dry their hands regularly.
  • We ask that a mask be worn, and that distance is provided between the customer and the moving team.

Ace Relocation Systems takes our role in providing the essential service of moving seriously. Our team of professionals has been hard at work since the pandemic began, taking the appropriate actions to ensure our customers and their own safety during an uncertain time, all while maintaining the highest-level experiences for our customers. As always, we are available to answer any questions that you might have regarding how these COVID-specific practices may impact the moving process.

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