• Clean out and organize the storage areas of your home such as closets, the attic, and the basement as soon as you decide you want to move.
  • When deciding which things to keep, donate, sell, or throw away, organize by category instead of by room. For instance, go through every laundry hamper, dresser, closet, and suitcase in your house and make a pile of all of the clothes you own before sorting them.
  • Moving is the best time to be particular about the things you keep. If you don’t want your new home to be cluttered, don’t take things you don’t need, you forgot you had, or you haven’t used within the last year.
  • Do you have friends helping you move? Invite them over ahead of time and give them first dibs on anything you’re planning to sell or give away.
  • A garage sale can lighten the load and put more money in your pocket both from selling items and saving on the cost of shipping.
  • Stop buying groceries one to two weeks before moving day and start finishing off your perishable food items. If you still have non-perishables when you move, Ace can donate your food to Move for Hunger.

For more detailed info about preparing for your move, see our comprehensive moving guide