Searching for back to work tips to slip the progress into the workplace? Ace has created the most comprehensive Back to Work Planner for facility managers and business owners. If you are looking for professional movers to help you with your office, contact us here.

  • Step-by-step instructions to prepare for re-opening your office
  • Social distancing tips for workspaces
  • The easy button for getting remote employees back into the office
  • Convenient, interactive back to work checklists to stay organized
  • Visual representations of reconfigured workspaces

See below:


1. Occupancy Planning Checklist
1.1 Audit number of workers for short-term and long-term plans
1.2 Get short-term storage for furniture and other office items
1.3 Evaluate long-term space needs
1.4 Book moving and decommissioning services, if necessary
2. Personal Workstation Checklist
2.1 De-densify by removing or relocating workstations, or placing employees at every other workstation
2.2 Add plexiglass, rolling visual boards or other physical barriers to divide workstations and to provide privacy on aisleways
2.3 Add privacy partitions to workstations and remove guest seating
2.4 Rotate existing modular workstations so work desks face away from each other
2.5 Replace fabric chairs with wipeable chairs for easier cleaning
2.6 In offices, include tape markers to designate where guests should stand
3. Conference Room and Shared Spaces Checklist
3.1 Place chairs six feet apart in conference rooms and remove additional seating from conference rooms, breakrooms and kitchens
3.2 Reduce number of seats and add u-shape desktop screens for shared work areas
3.3 Use signage to inform employees which doors to use for in and out
3.4 Place marks on the floor so people stand at least six feet apart
3.5 Add angled privacy floor screens as needed to direct traffic
3.6 Set up sanitizing stations at entrances
3.7 For soft seating areas, replace sofas with single seats in washable surfaces
4. Office Cleaning Checklist
4.1 Discuss your ongoing cleaning services with your provider to ensure they meet updated CDC guidelines or recommendations
4.2 Plan pre-return wipe down and cleaning services
4.3 Schedule regular cleanings for soft surfaces like chairs quarterly
4.4 Deep clean panels yearly
4.5 Wipe down workstations between shifts or after a workstation relocation
5. Employee Back to Work Checklist
5.1 Laptop or desktop computer
5.2 Computer monitors
5.3 Power and data cords
5.4 Power strip
5.5 Desk chair
5.6 Printer