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3 Reasons Moving During Summer Is the Best

family moving during summer

For many people, summer is a season of sun, fun, and relaxation. Families often spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather or traveling to the beach for a much-needed vacation. But according to recent data from and the U.S. Census Bureau, a high percentage of families actually choose moving during summer. As it turns out, the three months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are a popular time to relocate for many reasons.

While moving in the heat of summer may seem like a dreadful alternative to taking a beach vacation, it’s actually a smart choice for many movers. Here are the top three reasons why so many people choose to schedule their move over the summer.

1. Better Weather for Transportation

Sure, moving over the summer means warmer temperatures, which can result in a hot and sweaty packing process. However, that sunny summer weather eliminates many of the dangerous road conditions that can occur during fall and winter. In many areas, the cold weather months can bring high winds, heavy rain, snowstorms, and icy roads, all of which can delay the moving process and cause transit issues.

Plus, Daylight Savings Time (in most states) means longer days during the summer. Anyone who’s going through the moving process will definitely appreciate having a few extra hours of daylight to get things done!

2. School and Work Schedules Make Moving During Summer Easier

Most students enjoy a long summer break from school. This means families with school-age children can plan to move over their break to avoid disrupting their school year. Parents who plan a summer move alleviate the worry of their kids missing school due to the moving process. As a bonus, kids on summer break can use their free time to help their parents pack and get things ready for the move.

A summertime move often makes sense for working individuals, too. Many employers are more flexible with time-off requests over the summer. Some companies even have shorter business hours during the summer months. These workplace policies can be a huge help to employees who are planning a move.

3. Real Estate Inventory Peaks

Summer is a huge season for most real estate agents because both inventory and sales peak significantly. The inventory of houses available in July is around 25 percent higher than in December. This dynamic is especially true in cities with warmer climates, like Orlando or San Diego.

With more inventory available, people who move over the summer will have more options to choose from if they’re looking to buy a home. Since summer is a popular time to move, those planning to sell their home may also be able to find buyers more easily in the summer than at other times of the year. The busier real estate market is a great benefit to moving in the summertime if you are looking to buy or sell a home.

The excellent weather, open schedules, and busy real estate season make summer the perfect time to move. If you’re planning a summer move, it’s best to secure your desired moving dates early—it’s a busy time of year for moving companies! Schedule your free in-home estimate today to get started.

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Are you moving your family to experience something new? Are you being relocated by your employer? Are you moving your own company? Whatever the reason, there’s so much involved when you are planning a residential or office relocation! Whether you are using Ace Relocation Systems to handle your residential or commercial move, or another moving company, you can make the transition easier by taking time to learn about the city in which you will relocate.

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What is Movr™ ?

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Atlas Van Lines is proud to announce the latest and most convenient app for any move.  movr™ allows you to bring the best services to you. This easy to use tool, allows you to customize what you need and want to track for your move.  From a budget utility to learning about your new community, movr™  can guide you through the relocation process.

When you move, you’re not just moving, you’re relocating.  Our job is to make this easy for you. Visit to register today!

movr™ allows you to  select any or all of these categories so you can better organize and budget your move such as:

  • Find a Place: Find available properties for purchase or rent in your new neighborhood.  You can find prices, maps, property descriptions and help to find a home that suits you.
  • Book Travel: movr™ makes it easy for us to help you find hotel, rental cars and flight information. Let this full-service travel partner save you time and money.
  • Move Your Car:  Is it cheaper to move your vehicle  with a reputable car moving service or is it cheaper to sell it? Here you can compare your options.
  • Utilities: Make sure you don’t arrive to your new home in the dark. Spend a few minutes with our partner and they can help you with your utility hookups! They will do the scheduling and calling for you.
  • Neighborhood: Learn about your new neighborhood before you even get there.  Find out about things like demographics and commute times. You can also learn about tax rates, schools and businesses as well as restaurants and clubs!
  • Change Your Address: Stay right where you are! No need to go to the post office when you can submit an online form to record your new address. You can select when mail forwarding begins and ends.
  • Find Storage:  Need a place for your items? Here you can compare warehouse storage options offered by moving companies or other self-storage options.
  • Internet/ Phone/ TV Services: Few things are more inconvenient than finding yourself in a new place with no television, phone or internet services.  You can use movr™ to ensure that this does not happen.  Through a movr™ partner,  your connections will be set up and ready for your move into your new home.
  • Buying Insurance:  Whether it’s for your home, vehicle or apartment, get connected with the most reputable providers who deliver top notch service at affordable rates.
  • Add Your Own Category: You can add your favorites while tracking their expenses and details.


One of the most useful features is its utility as a budgeting tool.  This feature will not only help you with all of the above aspects but it will also help you manage and organize the costs effectively.  It’s no secret that moving is a complicated process with more fees and budget constraints than anyone cares to remember.  Luckily, movr™ can simplify this process and calculate the total cost of all of the above services, as well as any others you’d like to add.

movr™ is complimentary for any of Atlas’s clients.  Upon your registration with Atlas Van Lines, you will receive a code that will allow you access to movr™.  This tool has been designed to ensure that our job and your move are executed with maximum efficiency and convenience.

It’s the world’s best services for the person in motion. At your command.  Visit to register today!

Tips for Staging Your Home

There are several basic ways staging your home can benefit you when preparing to sell your home. Depersonalizing, “de-cluttering”, and simply cleaning your home, along with removing excess furniture, highlighting architectural details, and diverting attention from the flaws are vital steps in ensuring that your home appeals to prospective buyers.

Depersonalize- Viewing your house as a product you are selling rather than your home is the first step. Prospective buyers will not easily feel comfortable in a place that feels like someone else’s personal space. You can depersonalize your home by putting away personal photos, collectibles, and bold or strange items.

De-clutter- Clearing your counter space and ridding your home of trinkets, personal toiletries, and junk is necessary to avoid distracting your potential buyers. A cluttered house generates more interest in the lifestyle of the seller than the home itself.

Clean your home from head to toe- Your home should be spotless under every piece of furniture and behind every piece of art on the walls. Even your refrigerator and microwave should be pristine! Cleaning affects not only the way a house looks, but the way it smells and feels to prospective buyers.

Remove excess furniture- Keep in mind that you are selling square footage, so showing off the space and not what you have in it is a priority. Only keep the necessary furniture and put the rest in storage until after your move. Unnecessary pieces of furniture may also end up hiding key components of your home such as fireplaces, windows, and other intriguing details.

Take attention away from flaws- If you have an old, shabby couch cover it with an inexpensive slip cover. If a ceiling is in bad shape, a cool paint color on the walls or brightly accented pillows can distract potential buyers from those flaws., Tanya Memme (Host of A&E’s “Sell this House”)


Helping Real Estate Clients Find a Mover

Once a property has been sold, real estate clients will often look to their agents for advice on hiring a mover.  Before offering their advice, agents should make sure that the moving companies they discuss are the best companies for the job.  Several factors will determine whether or not a company should be hired, including the specific needs of the individual client, the cost efficiency of each company, and the history of the moving company in question.

Real estate agents know that no two clients are exactly the same.  Each client will have different needs, concerns, requirements, and standards.  When offering their advice, real estate agents should ensure they only discuss moving companies that have the resources to actually meet their client’s expectations.  Whether it’s assistance with packing a large antique collection or maneuvering through foreign customs and security requirements, the moving company eventually selected will have a major impact on the outcome of the entire move.

Real estate agents should ensure that the services they recommend are cost effective to their clients.  By determining the spending limits of their clients, agents will be able to help their clients find a professional moving company that can offer quality services within their budget.  Clients should be reminded to collect bids from as many quality and affordable moving companies as possible and to only make their final selection from their top three to five bids.

Service history will also be a big factor when deciding what moving company real estate agents should recommend to their clients.  Helping clients get in touch with moving company references will offer a tremendous amount of help when the client is ready to hire a mover.  Instead of recommending references from all types of past clients, agents should advise their clients to look for references from individuals in situations similar to their own.  For example, real estate agents representing large families selling a large home should only recommend references from other large families, not single persons occupying small apartments or condos.  Only another large family would be able to offer the most honest review of past moving services as they pertain to large family units.