3 Reasons Moving During Summer Is the Best

For many people, summer is a season of sun, fun, and relaxation. Families often spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather or traveling to the beach for a much-needed vacation. But according to recent data from and the U.S. Census Bureau, a high percentage of families actually choose moving during summer. As it […]

U.S. City Guide by Atlas Van Lines

                Are you moving your family to experience something new? Are you being relocated by your employer? Are you moving your own company? Whatever the reason, there’s so much involved when you are planning a residential or office relocation! Whether you are using Ace Relocation Systems to handle […]

What is Movr™ ?

Atlas Van Lines is proud to announce the latest and most convenient app for any move.  movr™ allows you to bring the best services to you. This easy to use tool, allows you to customize what you need and want to track for your move.  From a budget utility to learning about your new community, movr™ […]

Tips for Staging Your Home

There are several basic ways staging your home can benefit you when preparing to sell your home. Depersonalizing, “de-cluttering”, and simply cleaning your home, along with removing excess furniture, highlighting architectural details, and diverting attention from the flaws are vital steps in ensuring that your home appeals to prospective buyers. Depersonalize- Viewing your house as a product […]

Helping Real Estate Clients Find a Mover

Once a property has been sold, real estate clients will often look to their agents for advice on hiring a mover.  Before offering their advice, agents should make sure that the moving companies they discuss are the best companies for the job.  Several factors will determine whether or not a company should be hired, including […]