Hiring a Mover: Five Must-Follow Rules

The moving company you choose can make or break the ease of your move. Moving with a company that is knowledgeable, honest, and experienced is generally a much better experience than moving with one that lacks these qualities. However, it can be difficult for homeowners and renters to discern these qualities when hiring a mover. […]

8 Things You Can’t Overlook When Choosing a Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company can be a confusing and frustrating process for homeowners and renters. The stakes are high; picking the right mover can drastically reduce the stress associated with moving. To help make your move as smooth as possible, here are eight important things you should always look for when choosing a moving […]

The One Key Thing to Look for in Your Moving Company

Moving ranks as one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever go through. The sheer volume of work—packing, transporting, and rearranging all of your possessions in a new space—is undeniably daunting. It can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a two or three bedroom house. Moving your kids and getting settled into new schools and […]

San Jose Moving Companies

  San Jose moving companies San Jose, or the capital of Silicon Valley, is abuzz with numerous high tech companies contributing to the nation’s economy. Companies such as Adobe, Cisco Systems, eBay, Becton Dickinson, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Qualcomm, Samsung, TiVo, and many others have headquarters and/or offices in San Jose. Usually people move […]

Affordable Movers in Austin

Austin is one of the most diverse and lively metropolitan cities in the state of Texas.  People move into, out of and around Texas for better job opportunities or for personal reasons.  When moving, some may choose the cheapest or the most affordable movers in Austin that they can find.  However it is important to […]

Affordable Movers in Seattle

  Did you know that the beautiful, lush and evergreen forests have earned Seattle, the nickname ‘The Emerald City’?  Seattle is also home to many large corporations such as Starbucks, Jones Soda, Amazon, Zillow and Microsoft. People are always moving into, out of and around the Puget Sound area. When it comes to relocating, most […]

5 Biggest Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Here are the 5 biggest moving mistakes to avoid. These tips will help you before and during your move to make the best and smartest decisions and prevent you from getting scammed.  1. DIY People underestimate how hard moving can be. There are many pitfalls to (Do It Yourself) DIY moving. The most common ones are: the […]

Warning Signs of Rogue Moving Companies

Being aware of the warning signs of rogue moving companies is the best way to avoid them. These unreliable and dishonest movers often end up charging more than originally quoted before delivering your possessions, ultimately keeping your goods “hostage” until you pay. These are “The Warning Signs” of rogue moving companies to watch out for: No Formal Examination A representative does not come to your home to view […]

Helping Real Estate Clients Find a Mover

Once a property has been sold, real estate clients will often look to their agents for advice on hiring a mover.  Before offering their advice, agents should make sure that the moving companies they discuss are the best companies for the job.  Several factors will determine whether or not a company should be hired, including […]

Feds Move in on Moving Frauds

Online fraudsters posing as licensed moving companies have been the target of recent investigations conducted by state and federal agencies across the country.  These fraudulent moving companies have been accused of providing false estimates and even holding property hostage.  Law enforcement agents in states including California, New Jersey, and Illinois conducted undercover operations against the […]