Ace Relocation Systems Wins Big in 2017

Ace Relocation System’s Award Collection

At the annual Atlas World Group Convention in San Diego, CA, November 8-10, 2017, Ace Relocation Systems was proud to have won 22 awards.  Amongst them are ones for providing the highest level of quality service for a moving company, and for being the highest volume producing mover within Atlas Van Lines.

As a professional moving company our Number One Goal is to serve our individual customers and our corporate clients with the highest level possible of quality, respect and value.  The volume that we do, in terms of sales and hauling, helps to provide a strong organization that can provide transportation capacity in the way of a solid fleet of trucks and other equipment.

Here are the awards we won for the 2016-17 convention year:

Quality Award – Milton M. Hill Award

Every year since 1999 we have we earned a Milton M. Hill Award. This award is one of the industry’s most prestigious accolades and is given to agents that demonstrate a commitment to superior warehouse and hauling operations, as well as excellence in 12 established quality criteria.

Top Hauling Agents with Multiple Locations Awards – 1st Place

Top Agents with Multiple Locations – 2nd place

Individual Sales Award – Top Sales Producer, Corporate Client
Michael Quigley, San Jose, California

Sales Achievement Award (Sales in excess of $1,000,000)
2nd Place – San Jose, California
6th Place –  San Diego, California
25th Place – San Marcos, Texas
56th Place – Upper Marlboro, Maryland

New Members Millionaire Club Achievement Levels
Three Million Dollar Award – San Marcos, Texas

Corporate Client Sales Awards
2nd PlaceSan Jose, California

Private Client Sales Awards
3rd Place – San Jose, California

Hauling Excellence Awards
Orlando, Florida
Long Beach, California
San Diego, California
Bartlett, Illinois
San Marcos, Texas
San Jose, California

Canada/U.S. Cross Border Sales Awards
2nd Place – San Jose, California

Cornerstone Relocation Group – Overall Customer Satisfaction
San Jose, California

25-Year Anniversary Award
Beginning in November of 1992, Ace Relocation Systems of Kent, Washington hits their 25th anniversary of being an Atlas Agent.