Ace Relocation Systems Awarded Largest Hauler within Atlas Van Lines

Ace Relocation Systems, Inc.
December 1, 2017

Quality work led to positive momentum and increased capacity for Ace Relocation while it diminished for others at the same time.

Nationwide moving company, Ace Relocation Systems, Inc., has been awarded “Largest
Hauling Agent” within Atlas Van Lines for the third consecutive year. The distinction of the
honor, presented at the Atlas World Group Convention held in San Diego, CA in November of
2017, was that they hauled household goods that accounted for more interstate line-haul than
any other Atlas agent family.

The award is for agency groups with multiple locations. There are 430 individual Atlas Van
Lines agents within the United States and Canada. Ace Relocation, with nine individual offices,
accounts for nine of the 430.

Ace Relocation Systems hauled approximately 66 million pounds of household goods during the
specific time period. The total number of shipments making up that overall weight was 16,134.
The average weight for each individual or family’s move was 4,091 pounds. The time frame
measured was July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. The two previous awards were for the same 12-
month span from 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Dan Lammers, Sr. VP of Operations and co-owner of Ace Relocation, attributes the success to
a recipe of planning, eager van operators, solid back-office contributions and a willingness to go
outside of the box to meet demands of the clients. He says, “We have employed an aggressive
team offense. We have a playbook that allows our Ops people to make calculated decisions
based on information presented and allows our sales and support teams additional opportunity.
As a result, it keeps our fleet full and moving all year long.”

One of the other components of their success is the ability to recruit and retain drivers.
Lammers states: “The industry is short on qualified Professional Van Operators, who are a rare
breed of drivers and furniture movers. We treat them well and pay them well, so they stay and
do good work for our clients”. He added, “Quality capacity is key in our business. Companies – and the federal government – need their employees to be mobile. The moving company with the emphasis on quality, as well as the people and equipment to help them, is going to get that business. Our clients count on us to do that for them, and do it well, so that’s our focus.”

Ace Relocation has 176 Atlas-qualified drivers, which means they are background checked,
drug checked regularly and have no major infractions in their Department of Motor Vehicle
history. That is a number that is significantly higher than most of their competitors within Atlas
or other van lines such as United, Mayflower, North American and Allied. Ace also has
approximately 400 trucks and pieces equipment to handle local, intrastate and international
The majority of the shipments were hauled, or transported, using the traditional method of over-the-road, long-haul tractor and 53-foot trailer specifically designed for moving furniture and other
household goods. Other methods were effectively used when the traditional method was
unavailable due to the trucks already being assigned to other moves. Alternate methods
include loading the belongings into large wooden crates called lift vans and transporting them
via LTL freight trucks or via intermodal transportation.

Larry Lammers, President/CEO and co-owner of Ace Relocation, added, “The thing about this distinction is that we don’t operate in a vacuum. The reason that we’re the largest hauling agency group in the Atlas network is that our clients continue to entrust us with their business. Nothing happens without them; we are grateful for their support.”


Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. is a privately held, family owned and operated corporation
headquartered in San Diego, CA. In addition to office and warehouse there, they have the
same in eight locations from coast to coast. The metro markets they cover are Los
Angeles/Orange County, The San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Seattle/Tacoma, Phoenix,
Austin, San Antonio, Chicago, Orlando, Tampa, Baltimore and Washington, DC. Through the
Atlas Van Lines network, they can service any location in North America.

Ace Relocation also executes, or arranges for, a substantial amount of international relocations,
numbering in the thousands. Their sister company, Expat Relocation Solutions, an international
forwarding company, assists with the shipments being transported by air and sea.
The majority of Ace Relocation’s revenue comes from servicing the moving needs of the US
Government and Fortune 500 companies, including some of the most recognizable entities in
the world.

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