150,000 cars, 75,000 pedestrians, 700 boxes and Ace professional movers.

At the San Ysdiro border for the big move!

At the San Ysdiro border for the big move!

The busy San Ydisro border

The Busiest Land Port of Entry- San Ysidro


Professional Movers Ace Relocation's Lindsey overseeing the move.

Our awesome project manager Lindsey Allen at the San Ysidro port of entry.

 San Diego, July 15, 2014


Over the course of three days, our crew of professional San Diego movers,  moved 700 boxes, all the computer equipment, office furniture, desk contents and lab equipment for approximately 123 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) employees.  This was the first part of the multiphase San Ysidro Port of Entry Modernization and Expansion Project.

It is the world’s busiest land port with more than 50,000 vehicles and 25,000 pedestrian crossings each day.   One of the many reasons for this project is that it’s estimated that delays due to border wait times costs cross-border economies $7.2 billion in lost gross output and more than 62,000 jobs.

We were honored to have been selected by the GSA for their relocation services for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at their San Diego Office of Field Operations. Our expert crew of professional movers went through a thorough background check. We were certainly very confident of them coming out with flying colors.  Our wonderful Project Manager, Lindsey Allen, went in completely prepared and oversaw the entire operation. As always, she made sure that everything moved seamlessly. We are proud to say that CBP authorities complimented her and the crew on the way the project was handled.

We attribute the winning of this contract, and its successful completion, to our company values, experience in the moving industry, our crew of professional movers and our high standards of customer service.

We are very thankful to the GSA and CBP for recognizing our efforts.  We look forward to doing business with them again if selected for the upcoming phases of this project.

Ace Relocation Systems appreciates and respects the selfless services that the officials at the Customs and Border Protection perform for our country.  Hats off to them!