Storage Services

  • Storage warehouse filled by Ace movers

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Moving sometimes requires the need for short or long-term storage. Ace Relocation Systems is a premier provider of secure and flexible storage options for both residential and commercial customers.

Ace offers state-of-the-art warehouse storage in all nine of our nationwide locations. The 50,000 square-foot plus facilities provide a clean, safe and affordable location to store your possessions for days, weeks or as long as you need. And when you need them, we deliver.  International storage options are also available.

The Ace Difference – Experience, Customer Commitment and Quality

Here at Ace, your possessions will be handled with extreme care and caution and are protected by advanced video camera surveillance systems.

In addition, our warehouses are regularly inspected by the Department of Defense and must meet high Atlas standards for security, cleanliness and organization.

With mini-storage units, often the only thing protecting your belongings from opportunistic thieves is a simple lock and a rolling door. Rather than stuffing your possessions into mini-units, with the ever-present threat of insect infestation, we carefully place your items into our clean and secure vaults for safekeeping.

Here’s a few other examples of Ace’s quality procedures:

  • Our storage vaults are labeled by computerized bar codes and tracked throughout our warehouses, ensuring the efficient and safe handling of your possessions.
  • Household items stay packed in their original moving cartons.
  • Upholstered furniture is stored on specially designed racks and protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap.
  • Sensor-protected warehouse doors guard against any unauthorized access.
  • Businesses enjoy online access to view and manage their inventory. Ace Relocation is a full-service records management company.
  • Warehouses are managed by specially-trained staff well-versed in moving and storage procedures. Facility access is restricted to employees with ID badges.
  • Per your request, your belongings can be shipped to your new location within days.

Our movers do all of the heavy lifting for you and liability is still in our hands. Reach out to your Ace representative to hear more about the benefits of Ace storage.