“Eric, I wanted to take some time to thank you and the outstanding crew that was sent to perform our local move. The team arrived on November 4th to begin loading the 15,500 lbs of household goods. Ulysses was the driver and had Pops, Marko, David, and unloading Jacob. This team was incredible. They wanted nothing more than to please me and do everything possible to make our move easier for us. They had a positive attitude the whole time and a wonderful sense of humor. My wife has a pure white couch and the team made sure it was carefully shrink-wrapped as well as completely padded. They did so many things that were above and beyond the call of duty. Whenever they would encounter an obstacle they would think of a solution and execute their plan successfully.

I was a household mover from 1977 to 1988. I drove coast to coast and racked up over 1 Million miles during my tenure with Allied Van Lines. During that 11 year stint, I was nominated top five drivers in the United States and got to haul a shipment to the White House for President Ronald and Nancy Regan. Nancy’s father was a prominent Doctor in Chicago, Il. My Agency was located in Bloomington, Il. I remember calling the phone number for delivery on the Bill of Lading and they answered the phone “the White House”. That was pretty special for me and something I will never forget.

It was my vast experience with household goods moving that I am qualified to say Ulysses and his team are truly outstanding household goods movers not only with their physical skills but the positive attitude displayed during load day and unload day on November 5th. Both Deb and I cannot thank them enough. This too is a move I will never forget and will remember for the rest of my life.”

Ole & Deb