Review from Toni B. – Long Beach, CA

I’m smack dab in the middle of a move that is being handled by Ace.  The communication has been so valuable.  I couldn’t ask for a better crew. 3 men have packed my entire house in 2 days.  The options are all being made clear. They are kind and considerate with every step.  These people have seen it all, and the result is they anticipate my moving needs before I do.  When I said a room was ready to pack they looked around and spotted the things I might want… like my phone charger ! They completely attack a room once you say it’s ready to pack and believe me EVERY thing gets packed !  Even my basket of laundry I left in the room that I intended to wash later tonight… ha ha, I guess I’ll see it when they unload the truck. The house is FILLED with boxes yet they planned well and made it so I can still get around the house.  I am so grateful for the care and service my family is receiving from Ace.