Review from Tom. M. – Georgetown, TX

This was the first interstate move for my wife and me in 40+ years.  We had lived in the same house for 30 years.  So, needless to say, I had a LOT of anxiety already.  In addition, our house sold so quickly that we had to move our belongings into storage, which was done using (1) mostly me to pack non-furniture items and (2) friends to do the furniture move.  By the time I contacted movers for estimates, everything was in storage, PBO (packed by owner).  Eric from Ace (an Atlas agent) was my first estimate.  Fortunately, we had the storage arranged so he had reasonable access and within an hour, he was done.  The other companies I contacted were similarly professional, but Eric seemed to have an extra measure of compassion and understanding for our circumstances and went out of his way to put me at ease and explain the process very thoroughly.  The Ace estimate was in line with the others, but not the lowest.  Two factors influenced my decision to use Ace: (1) the extra insurance provided by my AAA membership, and (2) Eric’s attention to detail and genuine empathy for a situation I am sure he had seen many times.  Moving day arrived, and I got to meet my driver, Ray T.  The storage facility I used was new, and had no history of bringing a 53 foot trailer into place for convenient loading.  More anxiety, as a shuttle would have cost me more than $1000.  Not to worry, though, as Ray skillfully pulled the truck into the narrow passage, allowing the loading ramp to be positioned for very efficient loading.  And when the time came for departure, Ray backed the rig out with a display of expertise.  I have a video of the departure, and I still get a thrill watching it.  Ray brought a loading team of three headed by Matt, and two of the three were extremely experienced.  All were quite professional, although Matt did tease me a bit about ‘PBO’ boxes always being heavy (which they were).  Watching Matt load was like watching an artist; he clearly knew his craft.  About a week later, Ray backed the truck/trailer in front of our new house in South Carolina.  Again, he brought a skilled, experienced crew, including one person from Atlanta that Ray uses whenever he is in the southeast.  Unloading went smoothly and, perhaps the best thing to say, was uneventful.  We had one piece of furniture damaged, but all the high value items arrived in good shape.  (I can also proudly say that all the PBO boxes survived well, too.)  After the crew had departed, Ray sat down with my wife and me and went through the paperwork in an un-rushed manner, despite the fact that he still had a second load to deliver and needed to get started to Florida.
We ended up paying the estimate (plus tips and lunch for the crews and driver).  Highly recommended!  Definitely!