Review from R. Dudek – Washington, D.C.

As I reflect back on my moving experience, I am grateful for choosing Ace Relocation Systems (ARS). From the very beginning, it was clear to me that everyone involved in my moving experience was extremely professional. In particular, I am very appreciative for Theresa DeHart who gave me my moving estimate. Ms. DeHart not only answered all of my e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner, she consistently demonstrated a very sensitive nature to my needs. Ms. DeHart clearly showed me she understood how overwhelmed I was at the prospect of moving an entire house of furniture that included my treasured personal belongings. Her calm demeanor was always appreciated as she helped me get through an extremely pivotal time in my life. Moving day, September 29, 2016, arrived and so did the packers at exactly 8:30 a.m. Their names are Art, Donny, Mitch and Jay. The packers were not only prompt, there were clearly organized and displayed total consideration to all of my packing requests throughout the day. As the day evolved, I felt a sense of relief as I witnessed how much attention the packers paid to all of the particular packing details that Art subtly encouraged and orchestrated concerning my belongings. Much appreciated to say the least!!! In addition to Ms. DeHart and the gentlemen who did the packing, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Mr. Colin Burke. Mr. Burke exceeded my expectations especially when he successfully changed the initial moving date at the last minute due to a medical emergency. I was, and am to this day, grateful for the attention he extended to me with regards to an extremely sensitive and unexpected situation. Without Mr. Burke’s understanding of the seriousness of the unexpected medical emergency, I would never have been ready to move on the initial day we previously scheduled. Finally, I want to again thank everyone at ARS for their teamwork which enabled me to accomplish a task of tremendous proportion to me. From the first encounter I had with ARS I felt as if all involved put me and my considerations first and foremost. Everyone associated with my move reflected a team attitude which alleviated much of the stress I was experiencing before moving day arrived. I truly consider my experience with ARS far superior to anything I ever anticipated and will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone that is in need of a relocation company. Thank you, once again, for the company you are and hopefully will continue to always be to all of your customers.