Review from M. Harrison – Altamonte Springs, FL

Colin Burke has been assigned to me to handle my move from Altamonte Springs, FL to Chandler AZ. One of the local agents here had recommended an auto transport company (A-AAA) and I found out that they had contracted my move with a sub-par carrier that was BBB C rated and horribly reviewed on Yelp. I contacted Colin regarding this and he jumped into action. He not only handled me when I was a tad under furious and a smidge over incensed and jumped on some calls to handle it, he was shooting emails and calling me all in between. He’s so damn effective, I had to hang up on others to get to his calls! 🙂 He was able to secure another transportation company to come and get my cars tomorrow. Not the day after or next week… TOMORROW. Just from the first conversation with them I can already tell that I’m in MUCH better hands than I previously was. I can’t thank him enough for his quick actions and his timely responses and getting me to a very happy state. Please use his level of customer care and professionalism as the bar you set for the rest of your agents. If he’s up for promotion, he has my vote of confidence.