What is Movr™ ?

Image of Sign Up Page for movr

Atlas Van Lines is proud to announce the latest and most convenient app for any move.  movr™ allows you to bring the best services to you. This easy to use tool, allows you to customize what you need and want to track for your move.  From a budget utility to learning about your new community, movr™  can guide you through the relocation process.

When you move, you’re not just moving, you’re relocating.  Our job is to make this easy for you. Visit https://mymovr.com to register today!

movr™ allows you to  select any or all of these categories so you can better organize and budget your move such as:

  • Find a Place: Find available properties for purchase or rent in your new neighborhood.  You can find prices, maps, property descriptions and help to find a home that suits you.
  • Book Travel: movr™ makes it easy for us to help you find hotel, rental cars and flight information. Let this full-service travel partner save you time and money.
  • Move Your Car:  Is it cheaper to move your vehicle  with a reputable car moving service or is it cheaper to sell it? Here you can compare your options.
  • Utilities: Make sure you don’t arrive to your new home in the dark. Spend a few minutes with our partner and they can help you with your utility hookups! They will do the scheduling and calling for you.
  • Neighborhood: Learn about your new neighborhood before you even get there.  Find out about things like demographics and commute times. You can also learn about tax rates, schools and businesses as well as restaurants and clubs!
  • Change Your Address: Stay right where you are! No need to go to the post office when you can submit an online form to record your new address. You can select when mail forwarding begins and ends.
  • Find Storage:  Need a place for your items? Here you can compare warehouse storage options offered by moving companies or other self-storage options.
  • Internet/ Phone/ TV Services: Few things are more inconvenient than finding yourself in a new place with no television, phone or internet services.  You can use movr™ to ensure that this does not happen.  Through a movr™ partner,  your connections will be set up and ready for your move into your new home.
  • Buying Insurance:  Whether it’s for your home, vehicle or apartment, get connected with the most reputable providers who deliver top notch service at affordable rates.
  • Add Your Own Category: You can add your favorites while tracking their expenses and details.


One of the most useful features is its utility as a budgeting tool.  This feature will not only help you with all of the above aspects but it will also help you manage and organize the costs effectively.  It’s no secret that moving is a complicated process with more fees and budget constraints than anyone cares to remember.  Luckily, movr™ can simplify this process and calculate the total cost of all of the above services, as well as any others you’d like to add.

movr™ is complimentary for any of Atlas’s clients.  Upon your registration with Atlas Van Lines, you will receive a code that will allow you access to movr™.  This tool has been designed to ensure that our job and your move are executed with maximum efficiency and convenience.

It’s the world’s best services for the person in motion. At your command.  Visit https://mymovr.com to register today!