Being aware of the warning signs of rogue moving companies is the best way to avoid them. These unreliable and dishonest movers often end up charging more than originally quoted before delivering your possessions, ultimately keeping your goods “hostage” until you pay.

These are “The Warning Signs” of rogue moving companies to watch out for:

No Formal Examination

A representative does not come to your home to view your household goods, and instead gives an estimate over the phone or internet. These estimates often sound (and are!) too good to fulfill.

Collect Money First

You might be demanded to give cash or a large deposit before the move.

No Information provided about “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”

Movers are required to give you a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” by Federal regulations. Be sure that the mover gives it to you when you are in the planning stages of interstate moves.

No Local Address, License or Insurance

If you cannot find the moving company’s local address and information about licensing or insurance on the mover’s Web site, it is definitely a warning sign!

Suspicious Assertion

The mover assures you the all goods are covered by their insurance.

No Company Name

The mover answers the phone with “Movers” or “Moving Company”, instead of saying the company’s name.

Poor Office Conditions

The office and warehouse are in poor condition or even nonexistent.

Generic Rental Truck

The mover doesn’t have their own trucks and they use unmarked fleet trucks.

If you pay attention to all of these factors you will be able to weed out all rogue moving companies that will ruin your relocation process.


Source: The Household Goods Program