You’ve taken that enormous first step and made the decision to move. All the factors that go into such a decision – business opportunities, family changes, the desire for a fresh start – have finally been resolved. Making your move seamless, however, requires additional amounts of planning. Before you pack a single item into a box, there are three calls you need to make.

Your first telephone call should be to a reputable moving company, which will usually have years of experience, an excellent reputation in the community, and affiliations with major van lines like Atlas and United. Moving a household, including antiques, furniture, heirlooms, dishes, expensive electronic equipment and framed photographs isn’t something you want to trust to amateurs. By setting up target dates with a reliable moving company, you will establish a timeline for yourself and reduce your stress about the physical aspect of the move.

Next, you need to call someone who can help you transfer, cancel, or forward all of your utilities and mail, and notify any other organizations or people of your change of address. Maintaining all of your business and personal connections can be a major source of worry. By appointing someone to help you with this process, you won’t have to spend any more time than you need to going down the checklist of utility companies, doctors, school contacts, and professional associations.

Finally, place a call to a travel agency or friend who can take care of your travel arrangements. No matter how you plan your move, there is always a period of time where you need a separate place to stay while you get reoriented in your new home. You’ll be able to coordinate the dates of your move with the moving company and find out when you should plan to arrive at your new home. By having this timeline, you’ll be able to start up services and utilities in your new home with the help of your utility coordinator.

By making these three phone calls, you will build a strong network of people who can help you with the individual components of the move. And that’s the difference between a seamless move and a stressful move.

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