Moving is one of the most complicated tasks we will have to complete in life simply because of the number of individual tasks required to get it done. There is so much to plan and so many things to decide when moving, and it all begins with one initial decision – will I hire professional movers or will I handle the move by myself? There are many advantages and disadvantages to both options, and it’s important to weigh all the factors involved before coming to a conclusion.

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The decision to move yourself or hire professionals is unique to your personality, needs, and the specifics of your move. If you are moving long distance or you have a large home, a DIY move will be much more difficult. Also, if you have children and many other responsibilities to focus on, hiring a moving company will make the process a much easier and less harried one. However, if you are single, on a budget, have a small home or apartment, and just a few pieces of furniture to transport, a DIY move may be better suited for you. Before making the decision, it is important to contemplate your circumstances and what is most important to you; safety, control, scheduling, ease and cost are all important factors to consider when deciding if a DIY move or a professionally-handled move is the right move for you.

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Deciding on a Moving Company or Do it Yourself

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