National moving companies offer many benefits and services that local movers can’t usually compete with.  More office locations and more reliable personnel set national movers apart from their local competitors.  Even if customers only have to move across town, a national moving company can offer professionalism, security and savings that are tough to beat.

With office locations around the country, national moving companies offer clients a safety net of personnel and resources ready to keep a shipment moving should anything happen to the shipment while on the road.  Instead of having to send assistance from a single office location, a national mover can dispatch a response from the nearest location to the shipment to ensure it is up and running as soon as possible.  National movers can also offer access to more reliable personnel than local competitors.  Independently owned and operated moving companies usually have much shorter employee rosters than national companies; making it difficult to find replacements should an employee become unable to work for the day.

Instead of hiring independent contractors and starving college kids to act as movers on an irregular basis, national moving companies often implement strict training and accountability standards that many local movers simply don’t strive to match.  These differences might seem trivial, but their value is easy to see when things go wrong.  Where a local mover may operate in a way that only meets minimum licensing and insurance requirements, national movers can meet and exceed minimum requirements by employing individuals at all levels to ensure standards remain high and continue to exceed those of the competition.

The standards maintained by a national moving company should be easy to see; from the uniforms of the staff to the condition of the equipment used to store and ship client property.  When a company allows its image to become tattered and torn, the quality of the company’s service usually isn’t far behind.