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family moving during summer

For many people, summer is a season of sun, fun, and relaxation. Families often spend more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather or traveling to the beach for a much-needed vacation. But according to recent data from Realtor.com and the U.S. Census Bureau, a high percentage of families actually choose moving during summer. As it turns out, the three months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are a popular time to relocate for many reasons.

While moving in the heat of summer may seem like a dreadful alternative to taking a beach vacation, it’s actually a smart choice for many movers. Here are the top three reasons why so many people choose to schedule their move over the summer.

1. Better Weather for Transportation

Sure, moving over the summer means warmer temperatures, which can result in a hot and sweaty packing process. However, that sunny summer weather eliminates many of the dangerous road conditions that can occur during fall and winter. In many areas, the cold weather months can bring high winds, heavy rain, snowstorms, and icy roads, all of which can delay the moving process and cause transit issues.

Plus, Daylight Savings Time (in most states) means longer days during the summer. Anyone who’s going through the moving process will definitely appreciate having a few extra hours of daylight to get things done!

2. School and Work Schedules Make Moving During Summer Easier

Most students enjoy a long summer break from school. This means families with school-age children can plan to move over their break to avoid disrupting their school year. Parents who plan a summer move alleviate the worry of their kids missing school due to the moving process. As a bonus, kids on summer break can use their free time to help their parents pack and get things ready for the move.

A summertime move often makes sense for working individuals, too. Many employers are more flexible with time-off requests over the summer. Some companies even have shorter business hours during the summer months. These workplace policies can be a huge help to employees who are planning a move.

3. Real Estate Inventory Peaks

Summer is a huge season for most real estate agents because both inventory and sales peak significantly. The inventory of houses available in July is around 25 percent higher than in December. This dynamic is especially true in cities with warmer climates, like Orlando or San Diego.

With more inventory available, people who move over the summer will have more options to choose from if they’re looking to buy a home. Since summer is a popular time to move, those planning to sell their home may also be able to find buyers more easily in the summer than at other times of the year. The busier real estate market is a great benefit to moving in the summertime if you are looking to buy or sell a home.

The excellent weather, open schedules, and busy real estate season make summer the perfect time to move. If you’re planning a summer move, it’s best to secure your desired moving dates early—it’s a busy time of year for moving companies! Schedule your free in-home estimate today to get started.