Clearing a home of unnecessary clutter is a great way to reduce the costs of many moving expenses. Depending on how much has been allowed to collect in a single home, clearing the clutter away can save moving clients hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

The reason clutter can become so expensive is because it needs to be packed, shipped, stored, and moved, even though you don’t need it or want it. Cleaning up clutter will help in reducing the following costs:

Cleaning Up Clutter

 Packing Supplies:  With less to pack, fewer moving boxes and other supplies will have to be purchased.

Storage Space: Even though you may never use it, clutter can still take up a lot of space, especially in storage containers.  To make sure you have enough space to store what you need, first get rid of what you don’t.

Personnel:  With more clutter comes more work, which often requires additional movers. Paying a moving professional any amount of money to move something that you don’t really need makes little financial sense.

Weight:  Since many moving companies charge clients based on the weight of the items moved, clearing away unnecessary clutter from your home will help lighten your load.

For many people, it isn’t identifying clutter that’s the problem, it’s figuring out what to after cleaning up clutter.  Throwing away unnecessary items in your home is one quick solution, but this can be a waste if the items are still usable.  For even more savings, donate any usable clutter from your home to non-profit organizations like the Red Cross or Salvation Army.  If you request a receipt after your donation, you may be able to translate your donation into a tax credit.  Cleaning up ClutterIf you have the time, a garage sale can also be profitable.  Not only will clearing the clutter save you money on your move, but you will also be able to apply the profits from the garage sale directly to your final moving bill.  Finally, for the technologically savvy, there are plenty of sites on the Internet where you can sell your usable clutter for considerable returns.  By using the web to find local buyers for your stuff, you can even eliminate the need to pay for shipping costs.