For some, cost cutting and money saving is a way of life.  Recession or no recession, penny pinchers consistently seek out new and inventive ways to save money every day out of the year, and moving day is no different.  Whether you’re a devout penny pincher or just an occasional coupon cutter, these ten tips will help you save money on your next move.

1.  Scavenge your neighborhood for free cardboard boxes.  Many grocery and large chain stores give cardboard boxes away in pallets to those who ask for them.

2.  Look for clean newspapers and phone books around your neighborhood.  Even though fewer and fewer people are using them, newspapers and phone books continue to circulate, and it is never too hard to find a few that people are willing to get rid of.  Crumple the pages of the periodicals into the shape of a ball and they make a great substitute for packing peanuts.

3.  Use your belongings as packing materials.  Blankets, soft clothing, and stuffed animals also make a great substitute for packing peanuts.

4.  Hold a yard sale.  You’ll have fewer things to pack, less weight to have to ship, and a few extra bucks of cash in your pocket for any last minute incidentals.

5.  Donate unused items to charity.  Anything you don’t sell at a yard sale can be donated to the less fortunate.  Be sure to get a receipt from your charity as you may be eligible for tax credits.

6.  Recruit friends and family to help wrap items and pack boxes – one of the most time consuming parts of moving.  Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, though.

7.  Create a packing plan so you don’t buy more packing material than you have to.

8.  Save all receipts for supplies and keep unused packing materials in their original wrappers.  This way, if you overestimate the amount of packing supplies you need, you can return the unused materials for a refund.

9.  Use the web to search for discounts and coupons on packing material.  Many moving companies offer Internet only offers that are not advertised in stores.

10.  Before taping any box closed, clearly label the contents of each box on its side, not just the room where the contents came from.  If you need to find something in a hurry, you won’t have waste and reapply several feet of tape in the process.