Top 10 Ways to Avoid Breakage During a Self Move

Nothing is worse than unpacking after a long move only to discover several of your favorite possessions broken or damaged.  If you’re going to be doing it yourself and not hiring a professional mover, here are some simple tips you can use to safely pack fragile items and avoid breakage during your move.

–Plan ahead to ensure you have enough space to store your items during a move.  Many items are broken or damaged when individuals are forced to cram and shove their belongings into a truck.

–Specially mark any boxes containing fragile items.  If the placement of the box is important, also label the top of the box, so it isn’t placed upside down by mistake.  Clear labels will warn everybody handling the box to be extra careful.

–Use packing peanuts to occupy unused space in boxes.  The peanuts will insulate the items and help prevent jostling.

–Make use of bubble wrap to wrap fragile items.  Items that are unwrapped but stored in the same box, even one loaded with packing peanuts, can bump up against and scrape against each other.

–Use clothing to cushion fragile objects.  This can save both space and money.

–Crumpled newspaper also makes great insulation.  It is cheap and usually readily available.

–When possible, wrap especially valuable items in at least two layers of protection.

–Instead of juggling multiple boxes, just carry one at a time; especially if the boxes are marked as fragile.  People who try to carry more than they can handle are more prone to slips, falls, and spills.

–When loading a truck or storage facility, stack heavier boxes towards the rear of the container and under less heavy boxes.  Make sure that boxes labeled as fragile do not end up under several heavier boxes.

–Lift and lower carefully.  Squeezing a box too tight, putting a box down too fast, or simply placing a box in an unsafe area can lead to smashed boxes and broken property.