shoe packing tips

Every woman loves a good pair of shoes. Shoes can be expensive and hard to replace. Many women don’t realize that moving can cause wear and tear to your shoes if they aren’t properly packed. With these helpful shoe packing tips you won’t have to worry about your favorite pair getting damaged.

What You Will Need:

  • Medium sized boxes
  • Stack of packing paper
  • Roll of packing tape
  • Permanent marker

How to Pack:

To keep your shoes safe during a move, it’s best to put them back in the box them came in and then in the medium size box. Most likely you didn’t keep your shoe boxes. In this case, you want to get your packing paper and wrap your shoes together. Our professional movers suggest that to keep the shape of the shoes, roll up a pair of socks and stuff it in each shoe.Take one shoe, lay it down on the corner of the paper, and roll it about halfway. Then, place the second shoe opposite of the first and continue rolling. Take the bundle of shoes and lay it on its side in the bottom of the box. Repeat the process with all your shoes, starting with the heaviest shoes and working your way to the lightest, so that your lighter shoes don’t get squished. This suggested way to pack your shoes may be more time consuming but it is the best way to keep your shoes in good condition.These shoe packing tips will also help you in maintaining the condition of your shoes when moving. Hope these tips from our professional movers will help keep your shoes in the best condition during that big move.

Now that your shoes are packed, seal the box with your packing tape, use your marker to label, and it’s ready to go.