In this day and age, most people get their news from the internet.  This does not mean, however, that newspapers don’t serve a purpose.  On moving day, newspaper is the handiest kind of paper to have around.  Newspaper is cheap, sturdy, and easy to work with.  Anyone planning a move can use the internet to find their nearest newsstand when they are ready to start packing.  In the kitchen, newspaper is great for wrapping dishes and glassware as well as making sharp knives safe to pack.    


Dishes should be wrapped individually, one by one, in enough newspaper to fully envelop the item.  Larger items, like serving trays, may require several pieces of newspaper and a few pieces of tape to keep everything in place.  These larger and heavier dishes should also be wrapped and packed first to support the smaller and lighter dishes.  After each item is wrapped in newspaper and set into a packing box, crumbled up pieces of newspaper should be placed around the dishes and glassware to prevent dishes from banging together in transit. 


When packing dishes and glassware, it’s best not to store heavy ceramics with fragile glass pieces, as a sharp turn in a moving truck could send a dinner plate crashing onto a wine glass.  Soft clothes and blankets can also be used as insulation in between dishes and glassware wrapped in newspaper, which also happens to be a great way to free up space in moving trucks. 


Knives should be packed with caution because exposed blades can poke through cardboard and may cut hands that go digging blindly into boxes.  All knives should be wrapped in newspaper and stored in a box or bag plainly marked “knives”.


After the move, when the packing is done and piles of newspaper remain, the paper should be recycled.  Recycling old newspaper is as easy as placing the paper in a “paper only” trash bin, which exist in most neighborhoods.