It seems today that personal electronics play a role in almost every aspect of our lives.  We use our electronics for business, entertainment, and to access information.  Depending on their purpose, electronics like computers, music players, and television sets can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars.  Unfortunately, most electronics are not built to sustain bumps and dings very well, which makes moving a nerve racking experience for the technologically obsessed.

To avoid as much risk as possible while moving, only trained moving professionals should be hired to pack, store, and deliver sensitive electronics.  If individuals decide to pack electronics on their own, whether they hire a mover or not, they accept full responsibility for the final condition of the item when it is delivered and unpacked.

Not only are experienced movers less likely to damage a device or sustain an injury while packing than a person with little to no experience, they also possess the proper moving supplies to protect electronics in transit.  Since electronics can’t be packed and stacked like other household goods, it is also beneficial to have an experienced mover properly store packed electronics onto moving trucks to avoid fallen boxes during turns and stops.

After each sensitive piece of electronics is packed, professional movers will ensure that the boxes containing the sensitive items are clearly marked with “Fragile” and/or “Sensitive Electronics”.  These should be written to be visible from all angles.  The words “This Side Up” may also be printed on the boxes so that electronics aren’t packed upside down.  This is especially important for items like plasma or high definition computer screens and televisions, which can become damaged if rested for too long on the wrong side.

Since some electronics become worthless without certain cables or peripherals, a professional mover can also make sure that accessories are stored together with their respective devices.  This should help clients avoid the frustrating scenario where all of their devices work but none can be plugged in.