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Household electronics are tricky to move. Most devices are fragile and they often require several components in order to work properly. Lost cables and cords can make electronic devices unusable until the component is replaced. The cost of replacing these lost components can add up quickly, especially if the missing part is hard to find or manufacturer-specific. To avoid this frustrating and expensive situation, follow these tips to properly pack and organize your electronics before moving.

Pack Electronics by Room

Avoid confusion by packing electronics individually, rather than bundling them together. This method is especially helpful if you have several devices occupying the same room in your home. As you unplug each individual device for packing, place any corresponding wires or cables in the same box. Wrap and pack these pieces with their devices to avoid losing track of them.

If you’re moving a device that will not be boxed, place that device’s corresponding components in a plastic bag. Label the bag clearly with the device’s name. Then, place the labeled bag in another box of items going into the same room as the unboxed device. When the movers unload the truck, they will place the device and all of its related components in the same room.

Prevent Tangled Cables

Before packing, remove all cables and wires from devices. This will help prevent damage to the tips and connectors during transit. If a device is jostled during transit, connection pieces can bend or break if they are plugged in.

Try using zip ties or rubber bands to keep cables from becoming tangled, which can lead to a great deal of frustration when you unpack your electronics and just want to plug a device in. You can also take it a step further and label your now-neatly-organized cords. Use a label-maker to print out labels for each cord, or get creative with washi tape and scissors for a DIY version.  Another helpful hack is to whip out your smartphone and take photos of how the wires/cables are connected before removing them.  This will help you remember when reconnecting your electronics after moving.

Keep Chargers Close

You may want to bring along small personal electronics like cell phones, tablets, or laptops, to use during travel to your destination. Keep any corresponding wall chargers or docking cables with you—these should be carried closely with the device at all times. A backpack or messenger bag works great as a carry-on or travel case. This will help your family members protect their personal electronics and stay as organized as possible during the trip.

Remember to remove batteries from remotes. Charge any items with rechargeable batteries before your move, too!

Taking a few extra moments to organize and pack your electronics will be totally worth it when you arrive at your new home. You’ll enjoy unpacking and settling in so much more when you don’t have a tangled mess of cords to deal with.