Packing a room

Moving is a daunting a stressful undertaking. Hiring a professional moving company with a solid reputation is one way to reduce the amount of time and work you have to spend to make your move a success. However, you can save a lot of money by doing the packing yourself or even completing the entire move on your own. In that case, knowing how to pack a room like a pro is important.

The most efficient way to pack a room is to start with a plan. Set up an area in the center of the room and keep your boxes and materials nearby so they are easily accessible. Pick a starting point and begin packing in a clockwise direction. Packing is a tedious process, but having a plan can greatly improve your progress. Also, keep in mind that packing is a science. Make sure to put heavier items on the bottom of each box with more delicate at the top. Using the right sized box is essential in order to avoid storing too much weight in one box or ending up with too much empty space.

Be sure to take every precaution to keep your possessions secure during transit. Line your box with padding material—newspapers, bubble wrap, etc—Place your item several inches below one corner and fold it over so the item is covered. Fold the item over so the backside is exposed. Wrap a side corner over, turn it over and wrap the other side corner over. Repeat this process until the item is adequately protected. If you’re wrapping dishes, you can stack four to five together, as long as there is bubble wrap between each dish.

Labeling is one of the most important parts of packing. It not only helps to keep track of the items being loaded, but it helps when it is time to unload and unpack in your new home. Labeling each box with both its contents and the room it came from will help you be sure what’s in each box and where it’s supposed to go. This type of organization makes moves much less strenuous.

Source: Jon Nunan,