Furniture often acts as the focus of any room.  From sofas and coffee tables to beds and armoires, our furniture is often the first thing that people notice when they walk into our homes.  If furniture becomes stained or spotted during a move, the owners of the furniture are often forced to shell out big bucks to have the damage repaired, replace the item altogether, or live with the damage and hope that some cleverly positioned doilies will erase the stains from sight.

Instead of reacting to furniture damage, preventing damage is far less expensive.  One way to prevent nicks, dings, and scratches to finished wood is to wrap the item in moving blankets; special blankets designed just for this purpose.  If something falls or brushes up against the covered furniture while it’s stored, the moving blanket should absorb most of the shock to keep the item underneath dent and ding free.  Moving blankets are also great for preventing scratches to mirrors, especially large standing ones that are particularly sensitive to the movements of a moving truck.

Upholstered furniture like couches and loveseats should always be stored right side up.  If absolutely necessary to turn the item over, blankets (regular blankets will do) should be placed between the upholstery and the floor of the moving truck to prevent damage to the fabric.  Extra blankets or large sheets of plastic wrap can be used to drape furniture to keep dust and dirt in the moving truck from shifting and settling on the furniture. 

The best thing furniture owners can do for their furniture is to let an experienced moving professional load and unload their every last piece.  Professional moving companies supply their movers with plenty of moving blankets and other protection supplies to minimize the risk of damage to their client’s property.  With a professional mover on their side, furniture owners can relax while trained professionals cover, lift, and maneuver the furniture onto their moving truck.