With a lot fewer meetings, lunch events and trade shows, there are almost no networking events to talk about the real estate market. To add to this, realtors have had to change the way they have been approaching clients and selling homes. While nobody knows what will be happening with the “new normal”, real estate alone will thrive once again and it happens every cycle.

Realtors should not wait to network and could be talking about insider information with others. Everything from zoom meetings, to virtual events, is currently happening during this pandemic. When times are slowing down, it is best for realtors to stay in touch with their connections and having the type of conversations that will create partnerships for the future.

Successful realtors have connected with people on LinkedIn, Facebook, and even their email personal email lists. Video calling has been a way of the future and has shown great success over cold calling. Business stability is clearly an important topic during this extended, unusual business environment.

Relocation companies can offer realtors valuable information in real estate and development business. Through partnerships, Realtors get returning clients who will also recommend them to their family and friends. Connecting with Ace Relocation is one of the best ways to advertise a Real Estate business. The potential clients may not know the realtor yet, but they do know the partner

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