Moving in the Summer Peak Season

Moving in Summer Peak Season

When preparing to move you’ll run into the big question, “When’s the best time to move?” Many families choose to move in the summer. It’s a great idea because the kids are out of school, it normally doesn’t rain, and there are a lot of houses on sale. All the pros for summer moving makes it the peak season for moving companies. Unfortunately, moving in Summer peak season comes with a few cons. David, our general manager of the Washington DC movers, wants you to have your best move. Read David’s America On The Move to learn about the challenges you could face while moving in Summer peak season.

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America On The Move

By David Wood, General Manager, Washington, DC branch
Ace Relocation Systems Inc.

America is the most mobile country in the world.  It’s what we do. We have been a nation on the move since before our country’s inception.  Most of us arrived from across an ocean and we remain willing to seek new opportunity and adventure in new places.

Each year, about 14% of people living in America move.  That is nearly 40 million people!  According to the US Census Bureau, here’s how it breaks down:

23,468,000 moved within the same county (local moving).

7,728,000 moved within the same state.

7,628,000 moved to a different state (interstate moving).

1,269,000 moved to a different country.

Couples with children are most likely to move long distance. As people get older they tend to move less until the age of 65, or so, when they reach retirement age.  And here is our point to this article: Most people move in the summer; after homes sell in the spring season and most importantly when kids get out of school.  The peak season for moving is between late May and September.  The ends of each summer month are the three or four busiest weeks of the entire year.

People who move in the summer peak season will generally pay more for moving services than at other times of the year.  Worst case for the consumer: most professional moving companies are effectively “sold out” at many times during the summer, which means you can’t get a good mover to help you at all.  This can often be avoided along with other potential peak season problems. Here are a few tips:

  • Plan ahead! Get estimates from reputable moving companies at least four weeks prior to moving day. Remember: In the summer, demand ALWAYS exceeds the capacity of the moving industry!
  • Avoid moving during the last week of each summer month if possible. It can make a difference in availability, cost and service.
  • Watch out for deals that are too good to be true. Always get a visual survey of your residence. Beware of “telephone” quotes. If a moving company doesn’t want to send a representative to your residence, they are likely not a legitimate moving company.  Always check their online reputation before committing.
  • Keep in touch with your moving company. We all rely on customer service to be proactive but don’t assume that your move is covered. If you don’t have regular contact with your pre-move coordinator, call them!
  • Don’t under estimate the time and patience required to pack up your belongings if you have elected to do the packing yourself. It is very important to be packed and ready to go on moving day.
  • Kids playing under men carrying a sleep-sofa is not safe for anyone. Keep the kids occupied and out of the way, and don’t let them play on or near the truck!  (Pets, too.)
  • Avoid making travel arrangements on move date. The summer demand can cause move times to begin at a different time or even the next day.

Ace Relocation Systems has decades of experience in moving families around the corner our across the globe.  Please feel free to contact us! We know how to take the stress out of moving and save you time and money.  At Ace Relocation, summertime and the moving are easy.