Tips on Moving with Pets

tips on moving with pets

Moving pets can be stressful and annoying. These great tips on moving with pets will help make your move less stressful and keep you organized and prepared for that big move.

1. Gather Vet Records

Its good to have vet records before a move because the new vet might ask for records.

2. Collar and ID Tag

The best idea to prevent a pet to be lost forever is to have a microchip in your pet. Also, collars with a tag are always a good idea.

3. Health Certificate

A health certificate is required for most pets issued by a licensed veterinarian.

4. Permit

If you are an owner of an exotic pet, you may need to purchase a permit in order for it to enter your new home.

5. Don’t forget the pet meds and pets first aid kit

If your pet is on medication, make sure that you get the prescription filled before the move. In the first aid kit put some hydrogen peroxide, bandages and towels in it.

6. Ask your current vet for a referral

Your vet will be able to refer you to a reputable vet in the area where you will be moving.