15 Movies About Moving and the Relocation Process

Moving into a Money Pit

  1. Money Pit (1986)

Tom Hanks stars in this hilarious comedy that serves as a stern warning about the consequences of not investigating a new home before buying it. This movie gives a good example of the misfortunes awaiting anyone who makes a speedy move without the aid of relocation services. If you don’t take a good long look at a house before handing over your money, you may end up stuck with, as indicated by the film’s title, a money pit.  In the film, Hanks and his co-star are confident that they’ve found the deal of a lifetime, until the house all but collapses on their heads.


Moving into a new neighborhood in the movie, Cheaper By The Dozen

  1. Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)

Steve Martin, a master of family comedy, plays the lead role in this film about a family of 14 (That’s right; 14!) that is forced to leave their beloved home and move to a new neighborhood. The relocation is far from easy, especially for the children, who cause chaos in their new home.


Moving into the right neighborhood is important. Photo from Twilight

  1. Twilight (2008)

This film is both a story of teen romance and a classic example of the importance of thoroughly examining a neighborhood before setting up a home in it. Although hiring a reliable moving company and choosing the right house are critically important, we cannot stress enough the importance of checking the area for vampires and werewolves. Even after that, bringing a wooden stake and some silver bullets just in case may not be a bad idea either.



  1. Moving (1988)

Perhaps the most relatable film about the difficulties of moving, this hysterical Richard Pryor comedy tells the story of a family man who decides to relocate his family, hoping it will be a relatively simple endeavor. Woe to he who makes his mistake. The moving process can be a hazardous journey, full of dangers, and obstacles waiting to ensnare the unwary mover.


Moving into a new town can have challenges. Photo From Footloose

  1. Footloose (1984/2011)

This is an excellent film for anyone who’s been in culture shock after a big move. As bad luck would have it, Kevin Bacon’s character, a teenage boy who lives to dance, is obliged to relocate to a town where dancing and music are forbidden. Whatever the case, Footloose is the inspirational story of a boy struggling to adapt to an entirely new home.  You’d be surprised what a few good dance moves can do for your big moves.


Moving into a new home and meeting new friends take time. Photo from Karate Kid Part 2

  1. The Karate Kid (1984/2010)

Both the 1984 and 2010 versions tell the story of a boy struggling to make himself at home in his brand new home. Like many other movers, our hero faces adversity in his new home.  In this case the challenges faced by our protagonist, Daniel, take the form of angry martial artists in skeleton costumes.  Luckily, in both versions, this boy is lucky enough to have a mentor who can teach him how to fight his fears, among other things.


Moving by ship in The Titanic

  1. Titanic (1997)

James Cameron’s heart-throbbing romance/drama has captured the hearts of millions. Few can say they didn’t cry the first time they saw Titanic.  However, what crosses my mind when I see Leonardo DiCaprio drown while heroically trying to save his beloved is that if they, or perhaps their moving company, had been smarter about their transportation options, this could have been a “happily-ever-after” story instead of a tragedy.


Moving by hot air balloon is challenging in Up by Disney

  1. Up! (2009)

This animated family feature could easily be called the ultimate moving film. It tells the story of Carl Fredericksen, a man who decides to realize his lifelong dream of setting up a home in a remote tropical paradise. Apparently relocation and transportation services aren’t in the budget, as he decides to quite literally move his home by turning his house into a colorful makeshift flying vessel.  New friends, adventure and valuable life lessons await on Mr. Fredericksen’s epic journey. “Squirrel!”


Moving once you graduate. Photo from Into The Wild

  1. Into the Wild (2007)

Yet another story about an ill-prepared move, this deeply philosophical film is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless, a discontent college graduate who decides to retreat to Alaska to live his life in isolation. Things don’t exactly go as planned, which tends to happen during major moves, and our young aspiring hermit meets a tragic end. One of the most valuable moving tips that can be gleaned from this story is to avoid choosing a wrecked school bus as your new home.


Moving internationally. Photo From Coming to America

  1. Coming to America (1998)

This hilarious comedy features Eddie Murphy at his best. Murphy stars as African prince Akeem who decides that the best way for him to find love is to come to America and pose as a humble immigrant. Unfortunately, most movers will be unable to relate to Akeem’s dilemma as his agenda includes finding the most disgusting and inhospitable living quarters possible, in order to conceal his identity.  (If you are thinking of enlisting our services and, by some chance, your goals are similar to Akeem’s, we cannot say that such moves are our specialty, but we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.)


Moving into a new home. Photo From The Sound Of Music

  1. The Sound of Music (1965)

Set in Austria on the eve of the last great war, this musical classic tells the story of a Maria, a free-spirited nun-in-training who moves from her nunnery to the house of the widowed Captain Georg von Trapp and his seven children, whom she will be raising. She soon finds that she fits into her new home with her new family much better than she ever did in the sheltered nunnery.  Everything seems to be going wonderfully until a Nazi invasion forces the von Trapps to undergo an even more momentous relocation.


Moving into a terrible situation. Photo from the movie, Casablanca

  1. Casablanca (1942)

Yet another movie about moves caused by Nazis, Casablanca is probably one of the greatest films in Hollywood history and is ranked by many as the greatest film ever made. This film tells the romantic story of some of the most desperate movers in history.  As a matter of fact, the plot revolves around a search for an exit visa that could be used to relocate the leader of the French Resistance and his beautiful wife before they are captured and murdered by Nazis.  Talk about a couple’s retreat.


Moving to Tuscany. Photo from the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun

  1. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

This romantic comedy drama stars Diane Lane as an author who retreats to Tuscany after suffering through a gut-busting divorce. Lane’s character makes the ultimate spontaneous move when she decides to relocate herself to a villa in Tuscany.  If you’re looking for a film about how to cope with a spontaneous move, this flick might be worth renting.


Moving in with ghosts. Photo fromt the movie, Beetlejuice

  1. Beetlejuice (1988)

One of Tim Burton’s greatest works, Beetlejuice, is a hilarious account of the Maitlands’ discovery that their house is haunted. The twist is that the Maitlands turn out to be ones haunting it. Here at Ace, we can’t say we have much experience with dead clients, but we can promise to do our best to accommodate any challenge we’re faced with.


Moving into a small town. Photo from the movie, Funny Farm.

  1. Funny Farm (1988)

Another hilarious moving comedy, this film stars Chevy Chase as an author who seeks inspiration in a small Vermont farming town. The quirky misadventure that ensues is a classic lesson on the importance of thoroughly familiarizing yourself with a community before becoming a part of it.