If your current commute is hard on you or your family, moving to a new house is a chance to decrease the drive time. Here’s what to consider in terms of commuting before settling down in a new place.

Recognize What Time Traffic is the Worst (and If You Can Adjust Your Work Hours)

Times of heavy traffic are comparative in large cities and can fluctuate depending on where you live. Realizing when traffic is the worst in the first part of the day and the evening could help with the drive time. Modifying your check-in and check-out time by only 30 minutes to avoid your driving time.

Research Alternative Routes

The distance between a house and work may not be the best drive time, especially on the off chance that it requires jumping on the freeway. Set aside the effort to explore all alternative routes during traffic. You might be amazed that by taking the backstreets instead of the highway, it could cut the drive time.

Public Transportation Options

Utilizing public transportation could bring down the expense of driving and may even make the drive faster since you can utilize carpool lanes. Another advantage of utilizing public transportation is that you can complete work while you drive. Headphones, mobile phones, and tablets make it simple to browse email, look through computer files, and take out extra work that you’d, in any case, do in the workplace.

The Amount of Stress Commuting Creates

The pressure of commuting and stress can prompt genuine medical issues. An examination from Washington University found that individuals with long drives were bound to have hypertension, lower wellness levels, and expanded danger of being overweight.

Shortening your drive could mean purchasing a littler house or a fixer-upper rather than a house that is move-in ready. If a long drive worries you and is something that could potentially become a burden on your life, buying a home with a couple of sacrifices in it could be something that would improve your life.

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