Moving Apps to Help Move You

We all know that moving is no easy task.  Fortunately, relocating doesn’t have to be quite as hard as it once was.  Modern technology is gradually paving your way to a stress-free move.  The moving apps that are available on our devices are one of the most useful forms of technology available during a relocation.  We’ve listed a baker’s dozen of the best moving apps to ensure that you use them to the fullest extent.

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1. Move Advisor (Apple, Android, Amazon – Free)

  • Moving Timeline- a week by week moving checklist
  • Home Inventory- helps you organize your furniture in your new home
  • Movers Around You- helps you find reliable licensed moving companies near you
  • Get a Moving Quote- allows you to obtain a quote on the price of the company’s services

Apple, Android and Amazon:

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2. MyMove (Apple, Android – Free)

  • Upon opening the app, you will be presented with an expertly written article on how to select the best moving company as well as a link to another site with even more recently updated articles
  • It helps you locate movers in your area and provides you with a free price estimate

Apple :

Android :

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3. State Farm’s MoveTools (Apple, Android – Free)

  • To-do list- Its first feature is a checklist of tasks that must be completed during a house move
  • Packing Box- This is a virtual box that can be used to envision which items can be packed in a box of a certain size and thus organize your packing process. You can even add custom items when organizing your boxes
  • Smart Labels- This is an app that allows you to create and print out labels for each of your boxes so as to remind you of their contents and organize your items before a move.
  • My Inventory- This feature allows you to view all of your packed materials by boxes
  • Moving Tips- Pretty self-explanatory, the app also provides extra moving tips that can prove useful

Apple and Android:

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4. MagicPlan (Apple, Android – Free)

  • Allows you to make a detailed diagram of your house simply by taking pictures of it
  • Allows you to plan where each piece of furniture will go within the plan you have created



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5. Waze (Apple, Android – Free)

  • Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app
  • It offers voice-guided directions
  • Gas prices are listed
  • Warnings on traffic jams are provided
  • The app even informs you of police patrolling the roads

Apple and Android:

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6. Moving Planner (Android – $0.99)

  • This comes with pre-planned move tasks organized into a customizable checklist to ensure that all the necessary tasks are taken care of.


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7. Move Planner (Apple – $2.99)

  • This has more than 100 pre-populated complete listing move tasks. Nothing is left out


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8. Moving Day (Apple – Free)

  • This app helps calculate the weight of your items
  • It also helps you find a good moving company, as it comes with reviews


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9. iTriage (Apple – Free)

  • The app can point you towards any medical facility or doctor in the country, allowing you to quickly obtain medical attention for you or for your loved ones even in an unfamiliar area
  • Step-by-step directions are available to guide you to the nearest hospital or urgent care facility
  • iTriage also has information about symptoms, treatments and possible procedures



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10.  Craigslist (Apple, Android – Free)

  • Allows you to dispose of clutter and items that are no longer needed
  • Allows you to obtain new furniture or items that may be more appropriate for your new home

Apple and Android:

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11. Moving Van (Apple – $1.99)

  • You can use this app to record the contents of each box you pack. This allows you to locate any item you seem to be missing
  • It also allows you to export your list as a pdf or email


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12. Sortly (Apple – Free)

  • Identified as the “ultimate organizer app,” Sortly, allows you to easily organize your move with a visual inventory
  • Checklist- Sortly includes an 8-week checklist that details the tasks that will have to be accomplished each week prior to your move
  • You can also use the app to create custom labels and even short videos. However, either of these features would require a premium account


Can also be used via web:

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13. MoveAtlas (Apple, Android – Free)

  • This app includes a checklist of “don’t forget” notifications
  • Expert advice and packing tips will also be available
  • A four-week planner for organizing time-sensitive tasks will also be included
  • “Moving day” checklists to keep you on the right track
  • The app also allows you to get a quick quote from any Atlas Van Lines agent

Apple and Android: