Top 10 Moving Tips for Any Office Relocation

Planning is an essential part of executing a corporate move.  Individuals tasked with organizing an entire office relocation will benefit from this list of moving tips:

1—Plan Ahead:

Nothing about an office relocation can wait until the last minute.  Start early and divide each task into a manageable process.

2—Clearly Label Everything:

Plain boxes and blank labels can create an organizational nightmare.  Color coding should be used wherever possible.  If office equipment is typically assigned to a single person, that person should clearly label the location in the new facility where the equipment should be delivered.

3—Ask for Help:

Organizers should not be afraid to ask for additional resources when planning a corporate move.  Most managers will prefer an honest request for help over an excuse for failure.


Collect competing bids from different moving companies to find the best value possible.

5—Verify and Re-Verify:

Reduce liability by during an office relocation by verifying the credentials of all individuals who are hired to facilitate the move.  When delegating tasks, verify that those tasks have been accomplished in a satisfactory manner.

6—Visit the New Site in Person:

This will give the organizer the opportunity to plan for any delivery issues and ensure the facility is structurally capable of supporting business operations.

7—Keep the Boss Informed:

Managers and supervisors need to know if the moving process will affect business operations.  Moving organizers should keep superiors up to date on the process with regular reports.

8—Encourage Clutter Cleanup:

Clutter is anything in the workplace that is not essential to keeping the business in operation.  Personal office decorations should be cleared out of the office before moving day and carried to the new location by the people who bought them.

9—Get Rid of Unnecessary Documents

Many employees of private businesses retain physical documents they don’t actually need.  Encourage employees to go through their files and destroy the non-essential.

10—Stick to the Plan

Planning ahead is one thing, but sticking to the plan requires dedication.  Straying from the set schedule can lead to confusion and mediocre results.