How to Choose the Right Size Truck for a Move

Knowing how to choose the right size truck for a move is important for those who want to make as few trips as possible back and forth to their new home while moving.  Extra trips can cause people to pay more for their truck in time, gas, and rental fees if the truck is not returned by the time originally promised.  Several formulas can be used to determine the perfect size truck for the job but, ultimately, hiring a professional moving team is the best option for any kind of moving job.

Before deciding on the size of the truck to rent, anyone moving must consider the amount of rooms in their home and the types of goods they have to pack.  A van may be enough to move a sparsely decorated one bedroom apartment occupied by a single person, but a small truck may be needed for an apartment of the same size if multiple adults and children share the space with large and ornate furniture.  A truck rental agency can offer recommendations on the best size truck to rent, but unless a representative from the company visits the property in person, any recommendations offered by company will be no better than a guess.

Hiring a professional mover is the best way to avoid the unnecessary hassles that come with trying to figure out the right size truck to rent.  Not only will a professional moving company visit a property in person to formulate a quote and decide on the right truck for the job; but they can handle the loading, driving, and unloading of the truck as well.  This is also a preferred option because professional movers will have far more experience loading and packing moving trucks than most people.  If packed properly by a professional the first time, items packed in moving trucks are far less likely to shift or fall in transit.