Here are six office relocation tips that will help any office save money on their next relocation:

–Gather estimates early.  Being forced to gather estimates at the last minute may not allow business administrators to gather as many estimates as they need in order to find the best deal.

–Stay away from unregulated movers, use legitimate movers only.  In many jurisdictions, it is illegal for unregistered movers to operate, but many persist, passing on much of the liability of their actions to those who hire them.  If a move goes wrong, it is the client who is often left to answer for the costly mistakes of the unregulated movers they hired.

–Use the opportunity to upgrade office equipment.  Since many business operations may be shut down during a move, replace as much office equipment as possible.  This way, future operations won’t have to be stopped to replace the items.

–Ask for a discount on moving services or packing materials.  Few people realize how many businesses are willing to offer discounts to those who ask.   At worst, the business refuses; at best, the client receives the discount and uses the savings to pay for other operating costs.

–Lighten the load.  Since most movers charge their clients based on the number of items they’re moving and the space that they take up in the truck, reducing clutter can lead to extra savings.  If you’re considering getting new office furniture, get rid of the old first and have the new shipped directly to the new location.

–Do it right the first time.  Money is lost every time a task has to be redone because it was done wrong the first time.  Starting with a clear plan and objective can drastically reduce mistakes and errors during a move.  Make sure the relocation company you choose can explain in detail their standard procedure for performing serivces correctly.