One tip that we at Ace Relocation like to pass on to office supervisors and managers planning an office relocation is to come up with a system and stick to it.  Whether it be bullet points on a calendar or a much longer spreadsheet containing several dozen checklists for each respective department, a system is key to staying sane and unflustered when the time to move arrives.

There are several ways that employees and businesses can prepare for an office relocation.

Back Up Sensitive Material–Clients don’t care when businesses move, they just want to have access to the service they’re paying for without interruption, and being forced to explain to a client that important documents were “lost in a move” can be both embarrassing and terrifying.

Clear Out the Clutter—Employees will be fine without personal knickknacks cluttering their workspaces for at least a couple of days, and all of those cute decorative items only make the job of movers more tedious and time consuming.  Employees should be tasked with clearing their work areas of personal clutter and decorations a on the day or weekend before a scheduled move.  The personal items can be stored in vehicle trunks or taken home until the new office is up and running.

Conduct a Walk Through—Before setting up shop in a new building, the office relocation coordinator should conduct a walkthrough of the new place, to make sure everything works and can accommodate the number of employees moving in.  Be especially cognizant of plumbing, heat, and electricity.  Also, before moving out of an old location, the office relocation coordinator should conduct a walkthrough with the property owner to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the final condition of the office space and to clear up any discrepancies.