Texas is the second-largest states in the United States and has the most adventurous attractions and things to do. Plenty of people have said that Texas is diverse and geographically pleasing with everything from Beaches, Deserts, and Mountains. Residents have the option of never having to leave Texas with the possibility of vacation destinations within the state. Here are places we recommend visiting after moving to Texas:

San Antonio’s River Walk

Riverwalk has plenty of restaurants along the water with outdoor patios to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Below the street level tourists, as well as residents, can enjoy the walkway that wraps along the water. Although the walk is beautiful, residents and visitors can enjoy the riverboat cruises that are available all year long and include dining.

The Alamo
The Alamo is one of the most historic places in the United States. A piece of a mission station set up in 1718, it was worked by Franciscans in 1744 and by 1836, had been changed over into a stronghold. It got acclaimed during the Texas Revolution, when a little fleet, including Davie Crockett and James Bowie, barricaded themselves in against an overwhelmingly unrivaled Mexican armed force approximately 3,000 in number. While there were 187 people slaughtered, the call of “Remember the Alamo!” energized the state to at last defeat the Mexicans. You can now visit The Alamo as it has been restored (and preserved) to commemorate the fallen Texans.

Space Center Houston
The Space Center Houston is only a 30-minute drive from the downtown area and is one of the most popular places to visit. Residents and visitors have said that you may have the possibility of meeting a real-life astronaut while also enjoy walking through the space shuttle replicas. Space Center Houston is also home to Johnson Space Center and Mission Control which can be visited while taking a tour.

Big Bend National Park
The Big Bend National park is located on a huge bend in the Rio Grande River and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the State. Big Bend National Park offers plenty of things to do including walking on hiking trails, paddling in the river, sitting back and birdwatching 400 different species, and camping on the national park campgrounds.

Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island is one of the world’s most undeveloped barrier islands. It is a short drive from Corpus Christi and stretches 70 miles from one end to the other. Padre Island has more than 130,000 acres of beach, dunes, and grassland habitats. Rare sea turtles and countless species of birds can be found habiting the island.

The Texas State Capitol in Austin
The Texas State Capitol, inherent 1888, is 308 feet tall and viewed as one of the best state lawmaking bodies in the US. The building sits on a 22-acre park and offers tours year-round. Residents and visitors can take a stroll down to the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge where they can watch Mexican free-tailed bats coming and going from under the bridge at dusk.

The Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas
It was from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas that the deadly shot that took President John F. Kennedy’s life took place. This building is now part of the Sixth Floor Museum and includes pieces of Kennedy’s legacy. Residents and visitors can view historic films, photos, and artifacts. 

Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Guadalupe Mountains National Park sits approximately 100 miles East of El Paso and home to the four highest peaks in the state of Texas. Residents and visitors can enjoy a large amount of wildlife including golden eagles. Hikers have a large amount of space to roam with more than 80 miles of trails in canyons and lush landscape springs.
The Fort Worth Stockyards
Established in 1866, the region took its name from the cattle business, as it was here that a large number of cattle were refreshed, arranged, or sent out to different areas across the state. Residents and visitors can roam the stockyards full of rodeos, concerts, theatrical performances, and western-themed shopping. Saddle up with demonstrations on how they used to do cattle drives back in the day.

Galveston’s Beaches & Strand Historic District
Galveston’s Beaches & Strand Historic District has plenty of beaches that stretch for miles. The beaches attract residents and visitors due to the calm and shallow waters that make it perfect for families. Pleasure pier can be enjoyed during the summertime that includes rides and games. Looking for a stroll around town? Visitors and residents often walk through the Strand Historic District in downtown, sightsee the beautiful Victorian mansions and entertain the family by attending the Moody Gardens and Aquarium.

Galveston is less than an hour’s drive from Houston and only 45 minutes from Houston Space Center.

The USS Lexington, Corpus Christi
Secured off the shore only a couple of minutes’ walk around the focal point of Corpus Christi, the powerful USS Lexington is one of the largest enduring vessels to have served in WWII. This historic aircraft carrier was launched in 1943 and now serves as a Naval Museum. Residents and Visitors can enjoy walking through the carrier, exploring the bridge and crew bunks. Families can enjoy games on the vessel, as well as a 3D movie.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo
Cadillac Ranch is one of the most unique and popular sites to see in Texas. Although the attraction may seem odd, residents and visitors come in thousands each year to witness the colorful exhibit. The Cadillacs throughout the ranch are constantly changing and people are welcome to spray paint their own masterpiece. Spray paint is offered to painters due to past people visiting the Ranch. Cadillac ranch offers many vendors selling things like jewelry that is parts and pieces of the cars.

Natural Bridge Caverns
The Natural Bridge Caverns are just a short drive from San Antonio consisting of more than 10,000 different formations. This amazing pathway is located underground and is the largest cave network accessible to humans in the United States. Enter through the 60-foot Limestone bridge on a tour and end in the other attractions above including treetop climbing where you can zipline through the place. Residents and visitors can enjoy a 40-ft high King’s throne which is located in one of the largest caverns called the Castle of the White Giants.

Houston’s Museum District

Houston’s Museum District is home to 19 museums in the heart of Houston. Residents and visitors can visit most of these museums for free and have the convenience of everything being a short walk from each other.

Gruene Historic District, New Braunfels

Residents and visitors can take a short drive from San Antonio to the small town of New Braunfels where the Greuene Historic District is located. This district includes the oldest dance halls in Texas that have been operating since 1878. Performances run almost nightly and have included some of the most famous country artists. Families can welcome their children to this venue and can receive a discount for younger children. Have lunch at the Grist Mill Restaurant, shop at the General Store, or tube down the river in this wonderful town.

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