If you’re packing up your home for a move, we know it can seem overwhelming. But there’s tricks that can cut time and stress on both ends of the move – during the pack-up at your old place and during unpacking at your new place. Here’s 10 packing hacks to help ease your move:

  1. Pack the essentials that you will need during your first night in your new home (toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates and plastic utensils, snacks, coffee and coffee pot, bath towels, sheets, and cleaning supplies) separately in a clear plastic bin. Also pack a personal overnight bag (change of clothes, laptop, and toiletries) to take with you in the car. Make these the last things you pack so you can find them right away.
  2. Take important documents (i.e., birth certificates, social security cards, tax documents) as well as personal and valuable sentimental items, like jewelry, that can’t be easily replaced with you instead of having the movers load them on the truck. While our professional movers can safely transport these items for you, it’s best to carry them with you to avoid possible stress should your shipment encounter unforeseen delays.
  3. Check the full list of non-allowables that Ace and other Atlas-affiliated movers cannot transport so you can make other arrangements ahead of time.
  4. To save time and labor, pack things in place whenever possible. For instance, pull out your sock drawer and seal the socks inside with plastic wrap instead of taking them out and packing them in a box.
  5. Write detailed labels on boxes stating which room they belong in (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, etc.) and write labels on the side instead of the top so they can be seen when the boxes are stacked.
  6. Take photos to remember how the wires are connected for your electronics instead of struggling to put your sound system back together.
  7. Are you a visual person? Use different colored tape to organize your boxes by room at a glance.
  8. Never lose a box or go looking through five different boxes labeled “kitchen” to find the pizza cutter again. Label each box with a number and make a list of all the items packed in the box corresponding with each number on a notepad, on your phone, or in a Google Doc.
  9. Don’t struggle with an enormous box of hardcover cookbooks. Pack heavy items in small boxes.
  10. Prevent toiletries and other liquids from leaking by removing the cap, placing plastic wrap or a plastic bag over the opening, and securing the cap back on over the plastic seal.