Things to Consider When Planning a Laboratory Move


Whether for a university, hospital, or biotech company, moving a laboratory operation requires special preparation beyond a traditional business move. There are many important steps that should be addressed carefully when relocating your laboratory equipment to a new space. Here are a few main things to consider when beginning to plan your laboratory move.

Handling Hospitality FF&E

Handling Hotel & Hospitality FF&E

A large part of ongoing operations for hotels and hospitality businesses is the storage and management of their FF&E. It’s critical to support this function with a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective program provider. Here’s a few things to look for when searching for the right partner.

2022 Atlas Migration Patterns Study

2022 Atlas Migration Study Infographic

Atlas Van Lines’ data shows that people are leaving some of the most affordable states like Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois, indicating cost of living is being surpassed by other motivations to move, like being closer to family.

5 Tips for Saving Money After Moving

Moving can be a major expense, so you may need to to let your savings recover. Use these tips to save a little extra money and make up for what you spent on moving day.

Packing Tips For Your Move

If you’re preparing to relocate to a new home or office, there are certain hazardous items moving companies cannot transport. We’ve compiled a list to ensure a safe move for everyone.

Atlas®55th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey

Atlas® is pleased to bring you our 55th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey, the industry’s first and longest-running investigation into corporate relocation policies and practices.