Special Considerations When Moving – Military Moves

Special Considerations when Moving for Military Moves

Most military moves are conducted through the DPS system.  In those cases the transferring service member does not need to worry about arranging for his or her own relocation.  However in rare cases the service member does need to initiate and complete their own move.  If that applies to you and you are in base housing, please review the following special consideration when moving:Military family keeping special considerations when moving in mind before military move

  • Call your counselor at the Transportation Office to make sure you are not already approved through a certified TSP for your move, and that you are authorized to move yourself.
  • Speak to your counselor about the instructions and dos & don’ts about your special consideration move.  Those may also be found at www.move.mil.
  • If you decide to recruit friends to help with your move, remember that civilians will have to acquire an installation guest pass from a visitor control center before being allowed entry.
  • Check with your T.O. about requirements for vehicles entering base, e.g. friends’ cars, U-haul trucks, etc.  They may not be allowed on base for a variety of reasons.
  • If hiring a moving company, ensure that they have authorization to access your facility.  The company and all members must be authorized.  Check with your T.O. about credentials required for the moving company.  If they are not, they will not be permitted access on base.  Remember that each base may have different requirements.
  • When looking for a reliable moving company, check each mover’s website for ones that indicate they are Military/DOD approved for moving and warehousing.  Also check their BBB ratings.  You may ask your T.O. for a list of qualified companies.  Make sure you tell the moving company you hire that you live on base.
  • Plan far ahead and give yourself plenty of time.  In the summer and busy weekends you may not be able to find an available mover or even a truck.
  • In military housing, military members are expected to leave their homes clean and in as close to the same condition the home was originally issued in as possible.  Make sure you schedule enough time to clean the home, from top to bottom, after all your household goods have been packed and loaded.

A couple of final thoughts: keep all of your paperwork in a safe and secure place, contact your counselor with questions and, if possible, keep a positive attitude! Ace works with military families across the country. If you have any questions about our special considerations when moving call our military movers.